McHale F5000 Balers


McHale F5000 Balers

Choice from F5500 and F5400 In stock
Model year 2022
Brand new unused

Standard Features on the F5500 Round Baler include:
2.1 Metre Pick Up
Drop Floor Unblocking System
15 Knife Chopper System
Heavy Duty Rollers with a Specifically Designed Sealing System
High Quality Chains and Bearings
Progressive Greasing and Oiling
User Friendly Electronics

The McHale F5400 non-chopper round baler features a star shaped feed rotor to quickly and efficiently move the crop from the pick up into the bale chamber. This maximizes the baler performance and throughput. The F5400 non chopper round baler comes standard with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System, 50mm Bearings on the bale chamber, heavy-duty chains and a continuous oiling system.

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Equip: Baler
Make: McHale
Condition: New
Year: In Stock
Stock: Machinery
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