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Case Steiger/Quadtrac 

For over 60 years, Quadtrac and Steiger series tractors have helped

producers like you get more from the job in demanding conditions. As part of a powerful heritage, we led the way in becoming the pioneers of continuously-variable transmissions for four-tracked articulated high-horsepower tractors. Now those achievements have been combined with the most comfortable and connected cab featuring the latest telematics applications.



MF 7700 Range | 140 – 280 hp

Massey Fergusson 7700 RangeThese new models build on the highly successful and award winning MF 7600 Series, providing an outstanding choice of straightforward and dependable tractors.

A total of nine tractors offer maximum powers of 140hp to 255hp, providing a choice of three transmissions and three levels of specification. Engine Power Management (EPM), which provides up to 25hp extra power, is standard on all models taking maximum power to 280hp on the flagship MF 7726 model.

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MF 6600 Range | 120 – 185 hp

Massey Fergusson 6600 RangeWith the new MF 6600 Series, Massey Ferguson introduces the very latest in 4 cylinder engine technology to a power band that previously was the domain of 6 cylinder tractors.

The MF 6600 blends all the benefits of a 4 cylinder machine – compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvrability – with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable 6 cylinder tractor. With a maximum output of 185hp (with engine power management) on the MF 6616 Dyna-6, the new MF 6600 Series offers the highest performance of any 4 cylinder tractor on the market today. All models show perfect power-to-weight ratio for extraordinary all-round machine ability and agility in all applications.

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MF 5600 Range | 85 – 130 hp

Massey Fergusson 5600 SeriesThe MF 5600 Series provides a choice of three or four cylinder models so you can select exactly the right power, wheelbase, dimensions and weight to precisely match what you need for your farming business

MF5600 Series sets the sector benchmark for engine power and torque. They provide excellent manoeuvrability for hard work in the yard and in the field or on the road – a versatile all rounder.

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MF 4700 Range | 75 – 95 hp

Massey Ferguson has always provided innovative, but practical solutions to the farmer’s needs to answer the challenges of the time. The MF 4700 Global Series continues this tradition by offering a highly modern, high performance, heavy duty, straightforward range of tractors that provide exceptional efficiency for every type of farmer all over the world.

With its entirely new – yet simple- design, manufactured in state of the art factories across the Globe, with efficient drivelines and high level of comfort, the MF 4700 is definitely designed to be the new workhorse of the world – it really brings exceptional value for money for any sector!ions.

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MF 9000 Telehandlers – 5.2 – 7.0 m Lift

MF 9000 Telehandler RangeThe MF 9000 Series telescopic handlers have been built with you in mind, to create your perfect workmate.

Whether your farm is livestock or mixed, the MF 9000 Series provides the power, speed and agility required to effortlessly take on the most demanding tasks.

More lift height, a longer reach and the ability to lift heavier loads mean that with the right attachment, the MF 9000 Series can achieve paramount performance in a wide variety of applications around the farm.

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