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Bale Shredders, Fertiliser Spreaders & Muck Spreaders

Teagle Tomahawk 7100Tomahawk Bale Shredders

Teagle make the widest range of  box type Bale Processors available from any manufacturer. With applications ranging from pre-processing straw for feed to delivering clamp silage to a barrier we have designed a model to suit your needs.

The unique ‘Dual Chop’ system can chop straw or miscanthus as short as 50mm, whereas the massive 10m³ Tomahawk 1010 can be used as a combined Bedder/Feeder Wagon.

These machines may also be known as Feeder Bedders, Bale Choppers, Straw Choppers, Straw Bedders, Straw Blowers, Silage Feeders or Bale Feeders.

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Teagle XT24 and XT48 Fertiliser SpreaderXT24 and XT48 Fertiliser Spreaders

Choose a spreading system that naturally eliminates errors and produces outstanding results.

  •     Also suitable for spreading grain, grass and seeds at a reduced bout width.
  •     Both models available in band spreading configuration.
  •     Outstanding reliability – 3 year parts warranty
  •     Professional finish – Powder coated with stainless steel spreading components
  •     Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern – minimum risk of striping
  •     Straightforward setup – simple rate and pattern adjustment
  •     Easy to clean – removable flexible plastic hopper

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Teagle Titan 6-8-9 Muck SpreaderMuck Spreaders, Rear Discharge Manure Spreading Equipment

Whether spreading fresh, well rotted or semi-solid farmyard manure, poultry litter, compost or waste products, TITANs deliver an even, fine and wide spread pattern. Large diameter beaters generate a high tip speed to ensure a fine shredding action is achieved, with tall beaters delivering massive output or high work rates.

With models from 6 to 15 cubic metres the TITAN range is well proportioned, providing excellent stability, manoeuvrability, visibility of the load, and superior ground clearance. The TITAN range’s flared sides offer easier loading, with greater capacity at a lower loading height. Clean lines ensure easier washing down.

Muck is Money – Don’t throw it away!

When correctly applied, manure has a number of beneficial effects on soil properties, promoting higher yield and higher quality of crops.

  •          Increased soil fertility
  •          Provide a natural source of available nitrogen
  •          Add humus and slow releasing nutrients to the soil
  •          Aid water and nutrient retention
  •          Help break down heavy soils
  •          Add structure to light and sandy soils
  •          Attract worms to the soil

    Shred and Evenly Spread
    Evenly spreading manure offers the following advantages:
    Prevent clumps of manure from smothering grass that creates bare spots in the pasture.
    Promote dense grass growth and reduce invasive weeds.
    Exposes more manure surface to sunlight, which quickly dries it out to reduce nutrient loss, parasites and fly reproduction.
    Allow manure to decompose far more quickly, reducing the amount of time required before livestock may safely graze on the land again.

    How do we do it?
    Large diameter beaters  – deliver a greater tip speed  for a wide and fine spread pattern.
    Shallow auger pitch – Retains muck for longer in the beater system to ensure that material is not thrown from the back of the machine before it has been effectively shredded.
    A continuous, stepless auger – Vertical surfaces on the auger are eliminated to prevent lumps of material being thrown from the machine before they have been shredded.
    Greater tip overlap – Maximises live working area between beaters.

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