Tomahawk Bale Shredders

7100 Feeder / Bedder

Teagle Tomahawk 7100Comfortable livestock are more productive. Provide an even and absorbent bed of straw with a Tomahawk 7100.

Increase consumption and reduce waste of baled silage. Baled silage that is lightly shredded with a Tomahawk 7100 is more palatable and easily consumed.

7100 Summary

3.0 m3 capacity, for feeding baled and clamp silage.
Spreads straw up to 20m from rectangular or round bales.
Also available with Side Chute or ‘Dual Chop version’ for long or short straw at the touch of a button, click here to view the Tomahawk 7150.

Outstanding ‘Flow Plus’ Performance to save you money
Faster, stronger, and now incorporating FlowPlus:

Greater output
More consistent feed rate
Controlled delivery at low fan speeds

With simple and robust driveline and controls, the Tomahawk works harder for you 24/7 every day of the year.

British built and backed
Innovative design is put into practise with Tomahawks being manufactured to exacting standards in our modern production facility. Stringent quality control in production is matched by an efficient after-sales service to ensure your peace of mind.

To keep your Tomahawk looking like new for longer, components are shot blasted and protected with heat cured powder coat paint.

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