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Slurry Tankers - Diet Feeders

1100 Standard Tanker with 400 WheelsAbbey Slurry Tankers

The Abbey Machinery Slurry Tanker range caters for the ‘Total Cow’ by handling the waste product in an economic and environmentally way.

It consists of the most extensive range of tanker models and sizes available for today’s farm and contracting customer.

Each tanker comprises of key specifications that make the Abbey Machinery Tanker the best suited tanker to meet the demanding customer needs.

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Diet Feeders

As part of ‘Total Cow’ management Abbey Machinery’s have precision diet feeding technology to optimally mix and prepare feed for maximum animal performance.

Abbey have both Vertical Tub Feeder Mixer Wagons and Horizontal Paddle Feeders for added farmer convenience.

Abbey Paddle FeederAbbey Paddle Feeders

The proven Abbey Mixer/feeder range are now well recognised for their many distinctive characteristics; superior mixing and feed preparation qualities; even distribution; strength and unrivalled reliability. They are a popular choice on many leading farms and farming institutions in Ireland, Europe and other countries.

The Abbey Paddle mixing action concentrates on the use of individually angled paddle arms connected to a single rotor, rotating and moving all the feed material gently forward and backwards, lifting the feed material around the machine – within minutes this action creates a light fluffy open textured ration. This unique design ensures that even the smallest ingredients is uniformly distributed throughout the mix, while maintaining a low HP requirements.

Abbey can tailor make the discharge height to suit your own individual farm requirements. With the different options Abbey provide in discharge elevators either a slat and chain or PVC belt the feed can be delivered over feed barriers of different heights.

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Abbey Vertical FeedersAbbey Vertical Feeders

The Abbey vertical feeder range comes with a host of key features and is powered by a heavy duty industrial gearbox.  This unit powers the uniquely designed mixing auger which carries out the dual function of both chopping and mixing while lifting the feed ingredients up through its gently flighted-auger and then drawn down along the side and the cycle begins again.  The Abbey vertical mixer range has the ability to handle all types of animal feed ingredients.

Roots can be chopped to the precise size for optimum animal ingestion mixing with other feed ingredients in one operation and incorporated alongside big bales of hay, straw and silage.  All ingredients can be added to make a completely mixed TMR for livestock.

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