Lely Splendimo M

Rear-mounted Mower with Central Suspension
  • Lely Splendimo MC mower conditioner
  • Lely Splendimo MC mower conditioner
Working width (m) 2.40, 2.80, 320, 3.60, 8.80
Central suspended bed
Hydraulic break-back
Low maintenance as each mowing unit is separatly sealed and lubricated with grease
Adjustable ground pressure
100 degree transport position providing even weight distribution on both arms
Adjustable swarth width
Quick and easy to change blades

Saves fuel without sacrificing performance

Save on power and fuel while you mow. The unique modular cutter bar of Lely Splendimo mowers has fewer gears than other cutter bars. This means that the mower needs less fuel for the same working width. Or it can have a larger working width for the same power. Choose which option best suits you.

Quick regrowth guaranteed

Well-cut crops promote regrowth and are good for feed intake. For this reason, it is important to replace the knives regularly. This is safe and easy with the Lely Clip system. The system allows you to check the wear, and fit the knives easily. You can replace them when necessary in one simple step. This guarantees you sharp knives and quick regrowth.

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Equip: Mowers
Make: Lely
Model: Lely Splendimo M
Condition: New
Stock: Machinery

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