MF 8700 Range

270 – 400 hp

The MF 8700 Series represents the pinnacle of Massey Ferguson’s engineering achievements.

It’s topped by the most powerful tractor we’ve ever made, a flagship model that surpasses 400hp in a conventional design.

Тhe groundbreaking new MF 8700 series offers some of the most efficient, effective and useable power in this category. These are tractors with an enormous appetite for work, built to effortlessly cover hectare after hectare, all the while keeping the operator refreshed and the fuel bill to a minimum.

With five models in the range, spanning max powers of 300-400hp with engine power management, MF 8700 tractors can operate with ease the largest drills, tillage implements, tankers and trailers.

All are equipped with the industry’s leading CVT transmission, Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT, for the ultimate in efficiency, to make this new dimension of power work for you.

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