MF Global Range

75 - 130 hp

The New Workhorses of the World


Massey Ferguson has always provided innovative, but practical solutions to the farmer’s needs to answer the challenges of the time. The MF Global Series continues this tradition by offering a highly modern, high performance, heavy duty, straightforward range of tractors that provide exceptional efficiency for every type of farmer all over the world.

With its entirely new – yet simple- design, manufactured in state of the art factories across the Globe, with efficient drivelines and high level of comfort, the MF Global is definitely designed to be the new workhorse of the world – it really brings exceptional value for money for any sector!

Three and four cylinder versions delivering 75-130hp through a 12×12 manual transmission with an optional power shuttle.

The MF 4700 Series comprises three models at 75hp, 85hp and 95hp.
The MF 5700 Series comprises two models at 100hp and 110hp.
The MF 6700 Series comprises two models at 120hp and 130hp.

Electronic linkage control and an Agco Power engine are also part of a package built around a new family of transmissions.

With this new and straightforward range of tractors, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of the sub-130hp tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming. In this power bracket, no other range on the market today offers such an array of build specifications, options and accessories, all designed to help tailor your machine exactly the way you need it for your farming operation.


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