Lely Splendimo PC

The trailed mower for heavy-duty conditions

Lely Splendimo PC mower conditionerA new generation of cutter bar for enhanced performance

With the Q3 cutter bar you are guaranteed durability, user-friendliness, low usage costs and low power requirements. These are all characteristic of the Lely Splendimo range of mowers. The mower is equipped with larger cutting discs and individual obstacle protection, especially for heavy-duty crops or conditions. Every mowing unit is individually lubricated.
Optimal ground-contour following

The Splendimo PC is the perfect mower for uneven terrains, heavy-duty crops and unpredictable weather. Because of the placement of the wheels, the mower adjusts to the profile of the ground and evenly distributes the weight. Because of the low centre of gravity, the mower is stable, even on the sharpest bends.
Quick regrowth guaranteed

Well-cut crops promote regrowth and are good for feed intake. For this reason, it is important to replace the knives regularly. This is safe and easy with the Lely Clip system. The system allows you to check the wear, and fit the knives easily. You can replace them when necessary in one simple step. This guarantees you sharp knives and quick regrowth.
Quick drying for efficient feeding

The long impeller conditioners ensure excellent crop throughput. At the same time they provide a clean cutting pattern, the crop structure remains unaffected and the nutrients are maintained. Guaranteed tasty feed for your animals. There is also a steel roller for certain types of crop, such as lucerne and alfalfa. The conditioner processes the crops more thoroughly and achieves a dryer end result.

Connection category Power requirements (kW/hp) Swath width (m) Weight (kg) Working width (m)
Lely Splendimo PC 280 (R) II 51 / 70 0,80 – 2,00 1.952 (2.050) 2,77
Lely Splendimo PC 330 (S/R) II 59 / 80 1,00 – 2,20 1.900 (1.950 / 2.050) 3,25
Lely Splendimo PC 370 (S/RS) II 70 / 95 1,30 – 2,40 2.200 (2.260) 3,65

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