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Lely Splendimo PC mower conditionerLely Splendimo PC

The trailed mower for heavy-duty conditions

The Splendimo PC is the perfect mower for uneven terrains, heavy-duty crops and unpredictable weather.

Because of the placement of the wheels, the mower adjusts to the profile of the ground and evenly distributes the weight. Because of the low centre of gravity, the mower is stable, even on the sharpest bends.

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Lely Splendimo F/FC front mower/ mower conditionerLely Splendimo F / FC

Excellent ground-contour following and ground-pressure relief

The Splendimo F and FC mowers guarantee perfect ground-contour following in all conditions, thanks to the trailed system.

At the same time, a spring modulates how much the mower pulls out for ground-pressure relief and ultimate crop handling. If there are obstacles, the mower’s frame can easily move back and up.

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Lely Splendimo MC mower conditionerLely Splendimo M

Quick regrowth guaranteed

Well-cut crops promote regrowth and are good for feed intake. For this reason, it is important to replace the knives regularly. This is safe and easy with the Lely Clip system.

The system allows you to check the wear, and fit the knives easily. You can replace them when necessary in one simple step. This guarantees you sharp knives and quick regrowth.

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Lely Splendimo MC mower conditionerLely Splendimo MC

Quick drying for efficient feeding

The Splendimo M and MC are fitted with Lely impeller conditioners. The long impeller conditioners eliminate the layer of wax from the crops without damaging them, speeding up drying time and reducing the amount of time the crops stay on the field.

The nutritional value of the crops is maintained through the faster drying process. This guarantees your animals tasty feed with the right structure.

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A new generation of cutter bar for enhanced performance

With the Q3 cutter bar you are guaranteed durability, user-friendliness, low usage costs and low power requirements. These are all characteristic of the Lely Splendimo range of mowers. The mower is equipped with larger cutting discs and individual obstacle protection, especially for heavy-duty crops or conditions. Every mowing unit is individually lubricated.

Lely Splendimo mowers have a low power requirement and save on fuel costs. Thanks to at least 20% less fuel consumption, you save an average of 1 litre of fuel per hectare. No other mower on the market can achieve that. The unique modular cutter bar forms the basis for these savings.

We have developed a new cutter bar especially for trailed mowers used in challenging conditions. You can now benefit from a low power requirement and high output plus a number of extra elements that improve convenience.

Quick Switch obstacle safety

Fitted with Quick Switch obstacle safety, the Splendimo mower is even better equipped to cope with obstructions out in the field. While the break-away protective device ensures that the mower shifts to the rear upon encountering an obstacle, Quick Switch protects the cutter bar itself against obstructions.

Thanks to a six-pin shear-bolt safety device, when a mower encounters an obstacle the only thing that breaks is the pin ring mounted directly under the mower disc. This limits the damage to just the ring, which is quick and inexpensive to replace.

Larger mower discs

For extra capacity and even higher output, we have also adapted and enlarged the mower discs on the new cutter bar.


Unlike the other Splendimo models, the new cutter bar is based on oil rather than grease. This considerably increases the number of mowing hours and reduces the maintenance required.

Furthermore, it offers you the same convenience and performance as the modular cutter bar that is used for all other Splendimo models.

Low power requirement

The cutter bar is formed from universal mowing units that are directly powered by a spline shaft. The drive shaft runs through the centre of all of the mower discs and each mowing unit is powered by its own shaft. As a result, each mowing unit automatically only consumes the power that it needs at any particular time.

Therefore, there are no friction losses during mowing. After all, there are no separate gear transmissions as in conventional cutter bars, which suffer friction losses of at least 5%. The hexagonal shaft completely eliminates these friction losses.

This explains the low power requirement and reduced fuel consumption of the Splendimo mowers. Needless to say, wider working widths result in even greater energy savings.

High output

To deliver a high output, the cutter bar and its components have been designed so that the centre of the mower discs is close to the front of the cutter bar. This enables the mower discs to rotate by almost 180⁰ in the crop and creates more space between the discs to stimulate good crop throughput.

Flexible for extra convenience

The mowing units are constructed with a clockwise or anticlockwise direction of rotation and connecting pieces. To withstand the considerable pressure during mowing, the various units are held together by a torque bar.

Various working widths

The modular design means that the Splendimo mower is available in a range of working widths and models. Thanks to the wide variety of mowing units, the direction of rotation and the main drive, there is an ideal Splendimo mower for every type of crop and soil which makes the Splendimo a very accessible mower for the entire agricultural sector.

Rapid maintenance

As with all other Lely machines, the cutter bar is made from as few individual components as possible which, in combination with the modular design, minimises any damage. If maintenance should nevertheless be necessary, the various units can be easily repaired or replaced. This helps to keep your repair costs down.

Furthermore, the oil remains on the gears rather than dripping down to one side of the bar – even when operating at extreme working angles. Each mowing unit has its own reserve of oil and durable seals to guarantee this convenient functionality.

To benefit from a unique and user-friendly technology which delivers high output and fuel savings without compromising on power, ask the dealer for more information.

The Lely Splendimo Clip System

By mowing at the right moment you can influence the energy, nutrients and texture of forage in line with the needs of your livestock. This increases the animals’ feed intake and results in healthy and productive cattle.

Sharp blades cut the forage in just the right way without damaging it. Clean, sharp cutting stimulates faster crop regrowth. The Lely Splendimo Clip System enables you to check and replace the blades of your mower quickly and easily.

The quick-change system – the Splendimo Clip – is supplied with all models of the Lely Splendimo mower as standard. This guarantees you a mower with a low power requirement, a clean-cut crop and rapid regrowth.

The system

The clip system consists of a wear-resistant blade secured by a strong bolt, a spring-steel plate – the Splendimo clip – and a cam on the mower disc. This design enables you to replace the blades quickly and easily. It also allows you to check the bolt for wear and tear.

The system requires little maintenance, since the unique design has kept the number of loose components to a minimum. This maximises the amount of clearance underneath the mower disc. This in turn preserves the cutting pattern and reduces the power requirement.

Quick, easy and safe

The name ‘quick-change system’ says it all. You can replace and check the blades quickly yourself. The mower comes with a special Lely tool that enables you simply to pull the clip over the cam on the mower disc. Then you can easily remove the clip from the pin. The same tool helps you subsequently to tap the bolt out of the disc.

After checking or replacing the blade, you first tighten the bolt from below. You then slide the clip into the groove in the bolt until it reaches the cam on the mower disc. Finally, simply tap the clip with the Lely tool to secure it in place again behind the cam on the mower disc.

The clip system delivers maximum convenience, a cleanly cut crop and rapid regrowth. Change your blades regularly to reap the benefits!

The Lely Impeller Conditioner

By mowing at the right moment you can influence the energy, nutrients and texture of forage in line with the needs of your livestock. This increases the animals’ feed uptake and results in healthy and productive cattle.

Conditioning the crop during the mowing process stimulates crop throughput for faster drying. Lely Impeller conditioners process the crop while retaining the texture for the best forage.  Acceleration is the key word, both for the conditioning process and crop flow.

Crop-friendly handling for high-quality feed

The Lely Impeller conditioner is fitted with a number of relatively long conditioning fingers. Both the length and the number of these fingers contribute to a crop-friendly conditioning process.

As they rotate through the crop at high speed, the spirally mounted synthetic conditioning fingers stimulate crop throughput.

Thanks to the relatively long conditioning fingers, the crop is able to penetrate deep into the rotor. The fingers slip through the material and rub it open, moving so quickly and smoothly that they do not damage the crop texture.

High crop throughput

A high crop throughput has a positive effect on your fuel economy and ensures a good mowing pattern. The speed of the rotors, combined with the fact that they are the widest on the market, contributes to a high crop throughput, as do the generously sized conditioners themselves.

This reduces the power requirement of the mower while enabling you to benefit from rapid and smooth mowing.

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